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Wham Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The Wham Freshwater Pearl Necklace features a baroque pearl pendant and toggle design on a modern square link chain.


  • Freshwater pearl and white topaz
  • Brass base metal.
  • Thick plating to premium jewellery standards.
  • Nickel free.
  • All items are original jewellery designs by F+H Jewellery, Australia.
  • One size - measurements are:
    • Maximum length 430mm.

 Designer: F+H


Warrant Triple Chain Necklace

The Warrant Triple Chain Necklace combines three of our favourite chain styles into one easy-to-wear necklace. Perfect for your favourite t-shirt and jeans or to add an edge to your favourite little dress. 


  • Brass base metal
  • Thick plating to premium jewellery standards
  • Nickel free.
  • All items are original jewellery designs by F+H Jewellery, Australia
  • One size - measurements are:
    • Maximum length 420mm 

Designer: F+H Jewellery 


Letter Necklace - Gold


Available initials: S - T - H 


Nino Choker - Gold

Gold plated necklace | Measures: 40 x 0.6 cm


Care: Keep jewellery dry at all times. Avoid contact with chemicals and salt water. After each wear, wipe with a soft clean cloth and store in a dry place to prevent tarnish or discolour.

Saint Christopher Pendant Small

The travelers pendant - Signature Gold plated colour pendant w/ twist chain. Pendant is reversible.


  • Gold Plated, Steel Base
  • Pendant measures 1.7cm x 1.7cm, twist chain measures 45cm-50cm or 55cm-60cm

Specially designed pendant necklace each with their own meaning, perfect for gifting.


  • Gold Plated, Brass Base
  • Measures: 45 chain, 1.4 x 1.4 cm

Choose from the following:


A timeless piece, an expression of your bravery. A true understanding of presence - embracing each journey. An optimist, fulfilling your imagination. A mark of your spirit, a tribute to your resilience. Channeling your instinctive flow and dancing through life. A courageous act, a part of your nature.


A representation of your wise intelligence. A cherished piece - like that of your nurturing essence. Sharing your knowledge with those that surround you. Sharing your craft as an act of generosity. Your consciousness of which is awe-inspiring

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